Code of Ethics

Being ethical means thinking and acting correctly, in line with the values established and accepted by the society of which one is part.

This manual is intended to show Riachuelo’s employees the standards of behavior expected of them in the execution of their professional duties, and to clarify unacceptable conduct.

All Riachuelo’s plans and actions are based on human respect, reflecting the Company’s commitment to ethical values and transparency in all its commercial relations.

To underline the importance of a formal code of internal conduct so that all our employees are aware of their role in the organization.

To define appropriate behavior on the part of our employees in the performance of their professional activities.

To ensure a clear understanding of the underlying conduct that should govern and permeate our business, our relationships and the daily exercise of our activities, creating an organizational culture based on honesty and the highest ethical principles.

This manual is designed for all Riachuelo’s direct and outsourced employees and suppliers, irrespective of their professional responsibilities.

Given the extensive range of possible occurrences in every area of the company, this manual is not intended to cover every possible principle or type of conduct, but to shed some light on the most frequent doubts and to serve as a basis for what we consider to be ethical behavior.

In case of any uncertainty regarding correct procedures, employees should seek guidance from their superior or from the Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee is composed of representatives from the Human Resources, Legal and Internal and External Audit Departments.

4.1 Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest refer to any opportunity for personal gain on the part of an employee which may conflict with Riachuelo’s activities, interests and image, and to the exercise of any non-Company-related activity during working hours.

All employees have the right to participate in external activities as long as these activities do not conflict with Riachuelo’s interests.

4.2 Information

Information on our workforce, business, customers, suppliers and other organizations to which our employees have access due to their position with the Company shall be maintained in the strictest confidence.

It is expressly forbidden to use any technology, methodology, strategy, knowledge or any other information acquired through work developed at the Company for private purposes or to pass such information on to third parties.

All the data on Riachuelo which may be disclosed is available on our website ( It is therefore expressly forbidden to pass on any other internal information or documentation.

The disclosure of Company information on relationship websites, such as Orkut, is also strictly forbidden.


Any disclosure of corporate information to third parties, including requests from outside the Company or from employees for information on Riachuelo’s activities to be used for academic and or scholastic purposes, shall require prior authorization by the Security Committee.

4.3 Influence

Under no circumstances may employees make use of their position, function or knowledge of the Company’s business to influence decisions that may favor private or third-party interests.

4.4 Personal Information

All employees must provide the Human Resources Department or in-store office with the requisite documentation in case of illness (medical certificates, etc.) as well as any changes in their personal information (address, telephone, marital status, surname, dependents, etc.).

4.5 Intellectual Property

The product of intellectual work developed or created by any employee in the exercise of their professional activities at Riachuelo remains the property of the Company even after the employee has left the Company.

4.6 Payment Conditions for Employees

The acquisition of products or services by our employees shall be subject to the same conditions as such acquisitions by our customers. Discounts and promotions beyond those available to the public are not permitted.

4.7 Internal Commerce

Ads may only be affixed in certain pre-established locations (e.g. the Company’s notice board), provided they do not represent a source of income for the employee, such as, for example, an ad to sell a car, computer, etc.

4.8 Time Clock

The time clock should be punched only when employees are authorized to start and finish their working shifts, in accordance with their employment contract.

Employees are not allowed to punch other employees’ ID tags in the time clock or punch their own ID tag at the end of their shift and then return to work.

4.9 Working Hours

Employees must comply strictly with their working hours. Overtime will be permitted only in exceptional circumstances and only with the authorization of their superior, always respecting collective agreements with the local unions.

In the case of services undertaken outside the workplace, employees must still comply with the working hours stipulated in their work contract. Thus, if employees finish such external tasks before the end of their working hours, they should return to the workplace to complete their shift.

4.10 Company Assets

All employees must take due and proper care of Riachuelo’s facilities, conserving their safety and good appearance and ensuring that materials, tools, furniture, equipment, etc. are in good working order and are used solely in the course of Riachuelo’s professional activities.

The non-authorized transfer, removal or use of materials, goods or equipment belonging to Riachuelo is strictly forbidden.

No software may be added to or copied from Riachuelo’s systems without the authorization of the IT area.

4.11 Personal Passwords

Employees are prohibited from sharing passwords that allow access to internal systems with co-workers. Passwords are personal and non-transferable.

All transactions are registered under the password of the employee logged in to the terminal, who shall be held liable for any ensuing irregularities.

Employees should take care not to use passwords that are easily discovered, such as birth dates, parents’ names, registration numbers, sequential numbers, etc.

Employees who leave the workplace should block access to their computer or terminal, preventing others from using them.

When it is necessary to log in to another terminal, employees should log out when they finish the transaction.

4.12. Electronic Media

It is forbidden to use Riachuelo’s electronic media to send or (consciously) receive jokes, chain letters, e-mails of a pornographic nature, file attachments containing photos, videos, PowerPoint documents or any other content of a personal nature.

All electronic resources and equipment employed for professional purposes are the property of Riachuelo and shall be used exclusively in its interests. In order to ensure compliance with this precept, the Company reserves the right to control and monitor their content and use.

4.13. Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages or illegal substances

No employee may be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances during working hours and/or in the workplace, including during business-related trips, events, training courses and meals, except if there are no further professional duties to perform between the time of consumption and the end of the working day, and even then in the strictest moderation.

4.14. Relations with the Media

Employees may only make statements to or give information to the media (orally or in writing) with the authorization of the marketing area or of the officer responsible for their area.

Requests to take photographs of our façade or interior must also be authorized by the marketing area.

4.15. Personal Appearance and Uniform

While exercising their professional duties, employees represent Riachuelo and must therefore wear clothing and accessories that respect its image, avoiding unnecessary exposure. It is incumbent upon the area manager to decide if employees are properly dressed.

Uniforms should only be worn outside working hours during rest and meal breaks and on the way to work and should not be worn during leisure time, such as happy hours, thereby avoiding the inappropriate exposure of Riachuelo’s image.

4.16. Complaints and Suggestions

Riachuelo welcomes and encourages suggestions and constructive criticism from its employees. All such suggestions and complaints should be referred to their immediate superiors, who shall be responsible for channeling them to the appropriate department.

Destructive criticism, whose sole purpose is to harm its target, shall be deemed to be a serious violation of this code.

4.17. Commercial Relations with Former Employees

Riachuelo’s former employees may not supply the Company with products or services until at least two years after they have left the Company’s employ and with the approval of the Executive Board.

4.18 Termination of Employment

Upon termination of employment, employees shall return uniforms, ID badges, health insurance cards and working tools to the Company.

5.1. Unconditional Respect

Relations with co-workers shall be based on courtesy and respect. Everyone is responsible for ensuring a harmonious working environment, governed by team spirit, solidarity and friendly relations.

Aggressive and/or offensive arguments and altercations between employees of any level are unacceptable.

5.2 Health and Safety

Riachuelo shall ensure proper working conditions for its employees, based on the highest standards of hygiene and safety, taking and monitoring all the necessary preventive and corrective measures to ensure such standards are maintained.

Employees, in turn, shall be attentive to the rules and procedures governing the exercise of their professional duties, preserving both themselves and their co-workers from physical harm.

5.3. Equal Opportunities

Candidates applying for posts within the Company shall be recruited or appointed strictly according to merit. In the case of existing employees, performance evaluations by their superiors shall also be taken into consideration.

Discriminatory attitudes of any nature and selections based on personal relationships are expressly forbidden.

Selection shall also take into account the candidate’s ethical profile in order to strengthen the Company’s organizational culture.

5.4. Respect for Diversity

Riachuelo shall not tolerate manifestations of prejudice based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, mental or physical disability, ethnicity, socio-cultural factors, nationality or marital status towards any person.

5.5. Moral Harassment

Riachuelo shall not countenance any kind of moral harassment, including any conduct that may jeopardize work performance, denigrate the dignity of any individual or generate an intimidatory, hostile or offensive working environment.

5.6. Sexual Harassment

Repeated proposals or innuendo of a sexual nature, whether verbal, gestural or physical, are expressly prohibited and shall be treated as sexual harassment.

Employees who experience moral or sexual harassment should immediately report such conduct to Disque Ética – 0800-055-7611 or

5.7. Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships between employees, one of whom is in a subordinate position to the other, are forbidden, as are relationships where one of the partners has a direct or indirect influence on the other’s activities.

Should such a relationship occur, it must be reported to the Ethics Committee, which shall determine the transfer of one of the parties to another area of the company, if deemed necessary, or, as a last resort, the dismissal of one of the parties involved.

In cases where there is no subordinate relationship involved, Riachuelo requires the parties to maintain strictly professional relations in the workplace, not allowing their personal attachment to influence their professional attitude or behavior.

6.1. Relations with Suppliers

Riachuelo’s relations with its suppliers are based on legal, efficient and fair trading practices. The Company treats its suppliers with respect and honesty at all times and therefore does not attempt to use its power to obtain undue advantages nor does it submit to undue impositions by suppliers with substantial bargaining power.

Suppliers under contract should comply with Riachuelo’s ethical principles, basing their conduct on the guidelines in this manual.

6.2. Supplier Selection

Supplier selection should always be based on objective criteria, such as ethical principles, probity, quality, price and delivery date.

Negotiations involving a company with whom any employee, or relatives of same, have any type of relationship or interest shall be examined by the Ethics Committee. This is particularly true if the employee in question is head of the negotiating team.

6.3. Gifts, Payments and Benefits

The acceptance of gifts, payments or benefits of any kind from current or potential suppliers is strictly forbidden. The only exception refers to office materials whose estimated value is below R$10.00.

Similarly, no employee may favor customers, suppliers, service providers, co-workers, family members or friends with gifts, payments or benefits.

7.1. Personal Appearance

See item 4.15.

7.2. Service

We shall provide our clients with friendly, rapid, efficient and courteous service, responding to requests and complaints with clarity, precision and honesty.

Riachuelo’s activities are designed to keep environmental impact to a minimum. It therefore constantly implements and assesses procedures that make the best possible use of electricity, water, recycled materials, etc.

RIACHUELO is fully cognizant of its role in the development of society, creating jobs for members of the surrounding communities and obeying all prevailing legal and fiscal obligations.

In the social responsibility sphere, it aids the community with social work, also encouraging and creating the necessary conditions for its employees to develop and take part in volunteer activities.

Relations with competitors must be based on ethical standards, avoiding any kind of action or practice that could be characterized as unfair competition.

No employee may supply our competitors with information on the Company.

Employees who are related to employees of a direct competitor shall inform the Ethics Committee of said relationship.

The Company acts in strict accordance with all established legal, fiscal and labor requirements.

RIACHUELO understands the importance of unions and trade associations in defending the rights of its employees and attempts to maintain relations of mutual respect with all those organizations concerned with protecting the interests of the professionals and market segments they represent.

It is the duty of every employee to be aware of and understand all the policies and practices described in this Manual.

In case of the violation of any rule established herein, disciplinary measures will be taken, not excluding dismissal. In all such cases, however, the person or persons concerned will be guaranteed the full right of defense.

Employees are encouraged to admit to any violations of the Code of Conduct on their part. Such admissions will be taken into consideration when disciplinary measures are determined.

Failure to report possible violations on the part of others when aware of same shall also be considered anti-ethical behavior.

Riachuelo shall maintain the identity of those who report or investigate violations of the Code of Conduct in the strictest self-assurance.

Doubts should be addressed to Disque Ética (0800-055-7611) or

It is the duty of the Ethics Committee to permanently assess the currency and relevancy of the norms contained in this Manual and to ensure that they are common knowledge at all levels of the Company.

Should any employee be unclear as to what constitutes correct conduct, he or she should seek guidance from their superior or from the Ethics Committee by telephone (0800-055-7611), e-mail (é, regular mail (Rua Leão XIII, 500 CEP 02526-900 Jardim São Bento São Paulo – SP), or directly from any Committee member.

All employees must read the Term of Acknowledgement and Commitment carefully, sign it, detach it from the manual and deliver it to management.

Last Update on August 2, 2017

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