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08/07/2019 2Q19 Conference Call - Portuguese
08/06/2019 Release of the 2Q19 Results
05/15/2019 1Q19 Conference Call - Portuguese
05/14/2019 Release of the 1Q19 Results
03/27/2019 4Q18 Conference Call
03/26/2019 Release of the 4Q18 Results
11/08/2018 3Q18 Conference Call - Portuguese
11/07/2018 Release of the 3Q18 Results
08/10/2018 2Q18 Conference Call - Portuguese
08/09/2018 Release of the 2Q18 Results
05/09/2018 1Q18 Conference Call - Portuguese
05/08/2018 Release of the 1Q18 Results
02/27/2018 4Q17 Conference Call
11/08/2017 3Q17 Conference Call - Portuguese
11/07/2017 Release of the 3Q17 Results
08/10/2017 2Q17 Conference Call - Portuguese
08/09/2017 Release of the 2Q17 Results
05/16/2017 1Q17 Conference Call - Portuguese
05/15/2017 Release of the 1Q17 Results
03/15/2017 4Q16 Conference Call - Portuguese
03/14/2017 Release of the 4Q16 Results
11/10/2016 New Store in Juiz de Fora/MG
11/08/2016 3Q16 Conference Call - Portuguese
11/07/2016 Release of the 3Q16 Results
10/26/2016 New Store in Fortaleza/CE
04/27/2016 New Store in Porto Alegre/RS
04/26/2016 New Store in Goiânia/GO
04/16/2016 New Store in Criciúma/SC
02/16/2016 4Q15 and 2015 Conference Call - Portuguese (Simultaneous translation into English)
02/15/2016 Release of the 4Q15 and 2015 Results
12/10/2015 New Store in Rio de Janeiro/RJ
11/26/2015 New Store in Camaçari/BA
11/18/2015 New Store in São José dos Pinhais/PR
11/03/2015 New Store in Uberlândia/MG
10/14/2015 New Store in Parnaíba/PI
09/29/2015 New Store in Teresina/PI
08/27/2015 New Store in Belém/PA
08/05/2015 2Q15 Conference Call - Portuguese
05/05/2015 New Store in Tubarão/SC
05/05/2015 Release of the 1Q15 Results
04/30/2015 New Store in Curitiba/PR
04/30/2015 New Store in Cuiabá/MT
04/30/2015 New Store in São José do Rio Preto/SP
03/19/2015 New Store in Itaguaí/RJ
03/18/2015 New Store in São José de Ribamar/MA
03/03/2015 4Q14 and 2014 Conference Call - Portuguese (Simultaneous translation into English)
03/02/2015 Release of the 4Q14 and 2014 Results
02/26/2015 New Store in Itaboraí/RJ
12/11/2014 New Store in Caruaru/PE
11/28/2014 New Store in Boa Vista/RR
11/28/2014 New Store in Maringá/PR
11/28/2014 New Store in Manaus/AM
11/27/2014 New Store in Joinville/SC
11/27/2014 New Store in Manaus/AM
10/30/2014 New Store in Macapá/AP
10/30/2014 New Store in Santarém/PA
10/30/2014 New Store in Botucatu/SP
10/29/2014 New Store in Fortaleza/CE
10/23/2014 New Store in Teixeira de Freitas/BA
08/25/2014 New store in Vila Velha/ES
08/18/2014 New store in São Carlos/SP
08/08/2014 2Q14 Conference Call - Portuguese
08/07/2014 Release of the 2Q14 Results
08/05/2014 New store in Brasília/DF
05/06/2014 New store in Cariacica/ES
05/06/2014 New store in São Luís/MA
04/30/2014 New store in Pindamonhangaba/SP
04/29/2014 New store in Rio de Janeiro/RJ
04/29/2014 New store in Piracicaba/SP
04/10/2014 New store in Betim/MG
03/27/2014 Annual and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting
02/19/2014 New store in Serra/ES
02/18/2014 4Q13 Conference Call - Portuguese (Simultaneous translation into English)
02/17/2014 Release of the 4Q13 Results
12/13/2013 New store in Mogi das Cruzes/SP
11/29/2013 New store in Vitória do Santo Antão/PE
11/28/2013 First Concept Store in São Paulo/SP
11/26/2013 New store in Fortaleza/CE
11/26/2013 New store in Contagem/MG
11/25/2013 New store in Ceilândia/DF
11/07/2013 New Store in Maceió/AL
11/07/2013 New Store in Porto Velho/RO
11/07/2013 Release of the 3Q13 Results
10/30/2013 New store in Goiânia/GO
10/30/2013 New store in Fortaleza/CE
09/30/2013 New store in Riberão Preto/SP
09/27/2013 New Store in Sorocaba/SP
09/25/2013 New store in Arapiraca/AL
09/12/2013 New store in Limeira/SP
08/15/2013 New Store in Campo Grande/MS
07/16/2013 New Store in São Paulo/SP
07/10/2013 New Store in Betim/MG
05/10/2013 1Q13 Conference Call - Portuguese
05/09/2013 Release of the 1Q13 Results
03/14/2013 4Q12 Conference Call - Portuguese
03/13/2013 Release of the 4Q12 Results

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