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2Q20 Highlights:

  • Consolidated Net Revenue decreased 52.4% in 2Q20 YoY, totaling R$885.9 million in the quarter. In 1H20, Consolidated Net Revenue came to R$2,510.6 million, down by 27.9%;
  • Same-Store Sales were down 69.7% in 2Q20 and 40.3% in 1H20. Net Revenue from Products decreased 70.4% in 2Q20, totaling R$371.6 million. In 1H20, Total Net Revenue from Products decreased 40.1%, totaling R$1,380.9 million. It is important to highlight that sales from stores that reopened in 2Q20 accounted for 74.8% of their sales in the same period in 2019, impacted by reduced working hours and the maximum limit of customers per store in compliance with the safety protocols in force;
  • Digital channels accounted for 46.1% of total product sales in 2Q20, period when social distancing allowed for a larger amount of purchases without the costumer having to leave home;
  • Operating Expenses were down by 33.0% in 2Q20 YoY. In 1H20, Operating Expenses decreased 13.5%;
  • Loss Ratio for the Riachuelo Card ended 2Q20 at 7.1%Personal Loans ended the quarter at 25.2%;
  • Adjusted EBITDA came to negative R$291.0 million, down by 224.0% in 2Q20. In 1H20, Adjusted EBITDA totaled negative R$189.9 million, 144.8% down year-on-year;
  • Net Loss was R$296.2 million in 2Q20, down by 639.6%. In the six-month period ended in June 2020, net loss was R$343.8 million, for a drop of 508.2%;
  • In 2Q20, the Company generated R$223.5 million as operating cash flow;
  • At the end of the quarter, cash and cash equivalents came to R$2.37 billion for a net debt of R$1.61 billion versus R$1.76 billion in 2Q19. 

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