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4Q19 Highlights:


  • Same-Store Sales grew 9.8% in 4Q19 and 4.3% in 12M19. Total Net Revenue from Goods increased by 11.2% in 4Q19, totaling R$1,809.8 million. Total Net Revenue from Goods increased 5.6% in 12M19, totaling R$5,379.1 million;
  • Consolidated Net Revenue increased 11.5%, reaching R$2,439.3 million in 4Q19. Consolidated Net Revenue totaled R$7,808.0 million, up 8.6% in 12M19;
  • The Gross Margin from Goods, including a higher share of mobile phone, perfumery and home fashion in the mix, reached 53.0%. In 12M19, the Gross Margin from Goods stood at 50.5%;
  • Operating Expenses, excluding the effect of IFRS16 (Proforma), increased by 17.9% in 4Q19 YoY. Operating Expenses grew 10.4% in 12M19, representing 39.4% of net revenue.
  • Excluding non-recurring impacts and the effect of IFRS16 (Proforma), the Adjusted EBITDA increased by 5.3% to R$494.4 million in 4Q19. In 12M19, Adjusted EBITDA reached R$987.7 million, down 9.8%;
  • Excluding non-recurring impacts and the effect of IFRS16 (Proforma), net income increased by 32.4% in 4Q19, totaling R$363.3 millionNet income totaled R$526.5 million in 12M19, up 5.7%;  
  • Net Debt/EBITDA ended 4Q19 at 1.2x, excluding the effect of IFRS16 (Proforma).

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