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  • Consolidated gross revenue increased 37%, totaling R$508.0 million in 2Q05.
  • Riachuelo’s net income per m² reached R$1.8 thousand, up 38.4% over the R$ 1.3 thousand reported in 2Q04.
  • Sales to Riachuelo represented 53.6% of the Parent Company’s total sales in the quarter versus 43.8% in 2Q04.
  • Consolidated gross margin grew 60 b.p. reaching 46.3% 9 Financial service revenues were more than 3.5 times higher than in the same quarter of the previous year, totaling R$ 27 million.
  • Adjusted EBITDA¹¹ totaled R$90.8 million, up 97.8% over the same quarter of the previous year.
  • An increase of 843 thousand new private label cards in the first half of the year, a 168% increase in relation to the previous year, reaching 9.9 million cards issued.
  • In this quarter the Company recognized R$116.0 million nonrecurring Social Contribution expenses.
  • The adjusted net income (considering tax benefits and excluding the aforementioned extraordinary expenses) totaled R$59.1 million, or R$0.94660 per share. 

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